Upcoming Yoga Retreats in Mexico

We’re very excited for all the wonderful yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings that we’ll be hosting this coming season. So many amazing yoga teachers will be joining us – many returning and some visiting for the first time – and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to our little slice of paradise.


We hope that you’ll come join the fun on one of our upcoming yoga retreats in Mexico!


Date Event Teacher
May 20th - May 27th
Full Circle Yoga Retreat
Christine Northcote
Elizabeth Bliach
May 27th - June 3rd
Baja Adventure Wellness Retreat
Carolina Czechowska
Lauren Slater
June 3rd - June 8th
Sea & Soul: Mexico Yoga Retreat
Allie Rae

June 8th - June 12th
Cabo Yoga Retreat
John Salisbury

June 18th - June 24th
Surya Bheda Solstice Yoga Retreat
Tina Rath
Wes Linch
July 1st - July 8th
Meditation & Yoga Retreat
Cindy Zackney

October 13th - October 19th
Yogacara Global Yoga Training
Yogacara Staff

October 22nd - October 27th
Power, Passion & Play Yoga Retreat
Heather Gersh
Raissa Lerner
November 1st - November 6th
Revive ~ Awaken ~ Restore ~ Retreat
Emilie Perz
Molly O'Neill
November 6th - November 11th
Meditation & Yoga Retreat
Sukhraj Kaur Gipple

November 11th - November 18th
Living in the Heart of Presence
Tai Hubbert

November 25th - December 2nd
Gratitude Yoga Retreat
Silvia Mordini

December 2nd - December 9th
Sun & Soul Yoga Retreat
Silvia Mordini
Emily Perry
December 10th - December 16th
Cabo San Lucas Yoga Retreat
David Frenk
Megan Doll
December 18th - December 27th
Christmas Holiday Yoga Vacation
Guest Teacher

December 27th - January 3rd
New Year's Resolution Yoga Retreat
Alexa Silvaggio &
The Travel Yogi
January 7th - January 13th
New Year Renewal Yoga Retreat
Karey Goebel

January 7th - January 13th
Pilates & Wellness Retreat
Alice O'Neill

January 13th - January 20th
Journey Within Yoga Retreat
Megan Dunne Krouse
Kristen Pachis
January 20th - January 27th
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat
Tom Quinn
Amy Owen
February 3rd - February 10th
Deluxe Yoga Retreat in Mexico
Sara Strother
Christina Corso
February 10th - February 17th
Release • Reset • Recharge • Retreat
Kate Goodyear

February 17th - February 24th
Yoga Among Friends Yoga Retreat
Laura Jane Mellencamp

February 24th - March 3rd
Awakening Your Inner Light Retreat
Colleen Rose

March 3rd - March 10th
Los Cabos Yoga Retreat
Brooke Cline
Mara Campbell
March 17th - March 24th
5 Waves of Power Yoga Retreat
Liz Schulman
Claudia Teicher
April 14th - April 21st
Disconnect to Connect Yoga Retreat
Megan Dunne Krouse
Courtney Riley