It has been such a pleasure to host so many kind and generous guests here at Prana del Mar. We appreciate all the positive feedback and would like to share a few of their comments below. If you’d like, you can also jump down to see what retreat leaders have said or read guest reviews on TripAdvisor.


Guests say:

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a guest at Prana del Mar. The serene location, the exquisite property, the service, the decor, the yoga hall, the retreat, and Erik, all served to provide an outstanding and very special experience I will forever remember. Go. You will thank yourself and want to plan many future visits.

Xell CaldererGreenwich, CT

Prana del Mar is unbelievable – the most relaxing and invigorating retreat center. The grounds are spectacular, the rooms immaculate, and the food is out of this world. I would love to come back and will recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Vanessa TeffMadison, WI

Prana del Mar is a dream-come-true. Erik has created a magical environment to complement the natural beauty of Baja, Mexico. The attention to detail is inspiring, and creates a comfortable and beautiful retreat. There are few places with the standard of care for guests that Prana del Mar provides. I would recommend it without hesitation!

Betsy InbarSarasota, FL

I have been to many yoga retreat centers and found Prana del Mar to have the nicest studios, most accommodating staff, deluxe facilities, and cleanest property. The food was a variety of cuisines with the healthiest and freshest ingredients – and always delicious.

Lindy BoleroSeattle, WA

Everything about the retreat and the place exceeded my expectations. I loved the idea of being surrounded by nature and taking a quick walk to the beach every day from my room. Everything about the place made me feel so comfortable and serene. It was quite delightful to witness the love and the care that went in to building this gorgeous place.

Jae Yang Los Angeles, CA

Prana del Mar is a five-star yoga retreat center. The facilities are spacious, pristine, sparkling clean, and high-end. The staff is incredibly friendly and treat you both like royalty and part of the family at the same time. The food is clean, healthy, fresh, and some of the most tasty recipes I’ve ever experienced. The location is a dream come true – overlooking the ocean. Watching the whales, hearing the sounds of waves rock you to sleep each night, and enjoying the gorgeous skies at sunrise and sunset are just a few of my most cherished memories. The staff takes care of you and are extremely organized and professional with everything!

Shelly ProskoSylvan Lake, AB

I just had to express once again how wonderful, incredible, and beautiful Prana del Mar is. Not just the physical structure – which was obviously built with painstaking care and loving vision – but the people, too. You and your staff made the week absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen RobinsNew York, NY

Prana del Mar is an oasis in the Mexican desert. The facility – with its amazing attention to detail – is an extremely supportive environment in which to delve deeper into one’s practice.

Pam JohnsonToronto, ON

Prana del Mar is a beautiful space with an amazing staff that is genuinely happy that you are there to experience what they have to offer. Erik always has his door open if you need anything and is diligent in making sure you are having a good time. Very organized and awesome staff! I feel that I’ve found a gem and hardly want it known, but can’t help but rave about it. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

Betty ChenSan Francisco, CA

Everything was, as always, exceptional. Beautiful facility, excellent staff, wonderful food, beautiful views. Topped with perfect weather and exceptional yoga. It is the perfect destination.

Nancy AgajeenianGlenview, IL

Prana del Mar, an ecologically sound retreat centre, fulfilled its every promise to our group – with its tasteful and luxurious accommodations, its two beautiful yoga spaces, exceptional organic vegetarian cuisine, and its friendly and efficient staff whose attention to detail was much appreciated. Positioned between Ocean and Mountain in a pristine and peaceful garden setting. We will definitely be back. Thank you.

Patsy WattsWhale Beach, Australia

A flower in the desert! Welcoming, immaculate, wonderful staff, superb position – the perfect retreat. I would recommend it to anyone. Five star.

Pat ThornhillMere, England

Prana del Mar has been an amazing experience. From the facilities and people to the activities and resources provided, no detail was overlooked. Erik has done an incredible job creating this space for spiritual, physical, and mental rejuvenation. I hope to be lucky enough to return in the near future. Until then, this place – truly a retreat in all senses of the word – will be a memory I’ll return to again and again.

Tami KimBelmont, CA

Prana del Mar exceeded all my expectations. The location is picture-perfect. The accommodations were nicer than anywhere else that I’ve stayed. The staff was phenomenal and the facilities top-notch. And the food! Every morning, I woke up wondering what meals awaited me. It’s definitely one of those places where you have to see it to believe it. Until next time!

Andrea CardilloToronto, ON

With attention to detail and care for the visitors, this is a perfect place for a retreat – with the strength of the mountains and the ocean around us. An unforgettable yoga retreat. Congratulations to you and your team.

Hélène LévesqueChelsea, QC

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Your pride and commitment to the retreat centre is obvious. The food was fantastic and the staff were so friendly and considerate. There is a great sense of community, and I felt very much at home. I can’t wait to come back.

Laurie PooleToronto, ON

Prana del Mar was everything we expected and more. The yoga studio and equipment were top-notch and no detail was left out. The accommodations were first-class right down to the organic linens, towels and toiletries. The view of the mountains, ocean and the sunsets were breathtaking. Erik and the staff made you feel like old friends. The entire environment at Prana del Mar is so relaxing and peaceful.

Bill & Betsy StringfellowNanaimo, BC

Prana del Mar is a slice of heaven! It is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and be still. The staff is kind and attentive; the views exceptional. I enjoyed my stay so much that I’m already making plans to return!

Julie SullivanWilmette, IL

Prana del Mar is a treasure of open space. The beach and ocean are vast, and the yoga studios spacious. Everywhere you look, there are vistas of muted greens and browns, desert brush, and sky. The rooms are above and beyond any rooms you’ll find anywhere else.

Carolyn StromNew York, NY

Prana del Mar is a magical place that exceeded all my expectations. With two beautiful yoga studios, a stunning semi-private beach for walks or meditation and meals that were amazing in both taste and variety, I was in heaven. The staff were warm and generous, the pool deliciously cool in the heat of the day and our accommodations luxurious. Anyone seeking a true escape should look no further than Prana del Mar.

Kirsten McFarlaneVancouver, BC

Lovely, authentic, tasteful environment. Soothing to mind, body, and soul with nourishing, tasty food, elegant accommodations and friendly, skilled staff. A wonderful experience!

Ronaye MatthewBurnaby, BC

Prana del Mar is an idyllic place for relaxation of mind, body, and soul. It has everything that is required to make one feel that life is perfect right here. From the endless desert surrounded by mountains to the intense power of the sea to the modern and pristine accommodations to the yoga studio “in the sky” to the three balanced, creative and delicious meals every day, I can truly say that every chakra has come out balanced and energized.

Rhonda TravisToronto, ON

Prana del Mar is truly a tiny chunk of nirvana. I was very impressed by the feeling of security that permeates this place. The staff was great – very helpful and welcoming. They truly enhance the peaceful, secure vibe, making it so easy to relax and let the yoga work its magic. The companionship I experienced on this trip will be my most lasting memory.

Janet VanyoDuncan, BC

Prana del Mar is a magical place. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a super-relaxing yoga vacation. A special gem of Mexico.

Jenny RiosSan Francisco, CA

My stay at Prana del Mar was incredible. It is a beautiful, relaxing place. I loved getting to unplug from life and have no distractions. It’s like staying in a 4-star hotel without all the Hollywood scene. My stay has left me feeling relaxed and peaceful. Listening to the waves all night is magical.

Ellen SchinkleDurango, CO

My wife, Glory, and I have been to many yoga retreat centers all over the world, and Prana del Mar is by far the best all around.

John NortonChicago, IL

I would highly recommend this place for a restorative and enlivening retreat. I truly felt inspired by the beauty of the built environment and how well it integrates into the natural beauty of the ocean and the desert. The care and attention to detail of the staff and of the construction of the facilities is inspiring. Thank you for creating this space.

Alyse HanSan Francisco, CA

Congratulations on creating this oasis of extraordinary beauty and space. The staff are gracious and so accommodating. Delightful, truly. I hope and expect that I will visit Prana del Mar a number of times in my life!

Maura LynchNew York, NY

Prana del Mar was one of the best experiences of my life. I was very vulnerable when I arrived and I knew that my intention was to let go of my past and move forward in my life. I did not know that a place like this existed with such love, positive energy and most importantly, compassion. It was exactly what I needed and I am so blessed to have been given the chance to stay at Prana del Mar. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart to Josephine, and to Erik and his amazing staff for their genuine kindness and care. I highly recommend this yoga retreat to anyone. I will never forget all the wonderful, amazing, and smart people I spent my week with – and I thank the universe for guiding me to this place of heaven on earth.

Diane CalkaMontreal, QC

I cannot believe a place like this exists on earth. The location and scenery is more majestic than any photo could capture. The night sky looks like a planetarium. The food is beyond belief at every meal. Every single staff member seems to go out of their way to make your experience perfect. Not even a minor detail has been overlooked.

Rachel WeshnakBrooklyn, NY

I could not have accomplished the level of yoga practice that I did anyplace else but at Prana del Mar. The love and great energy here is a sattvic environment that helped me unwind, release, and grow. The service is nurturing and sweet. The facilities are perfect in every detail. I’ll surely return again and again.

Mia ParkChicago, IL

Prana del Mar far exceeds your expectations of an off-grid retreat haven. It felt like heaven to relax and be cared for so lovingly in such a beautiful place. The people and the food were completely outstanding and made us all feel so welcome. I will definitely be back.

Heather StewartToronto, ON

Thank you for creating such a peaceful, inspiring, caring place with such exceptionally positive energy. The attention to detail in the yoga space, rooms, and gardens has made Prana del Mar a true “oasis” of a retreat in this world of options. I’ll look forward to returning.

Lynne BairstowPunta Mita, Mexico

Staying at Prana del Mar was amazing. From the second I arrived and the kindness Erik showed, I felt like I was at a home away from home. All of the meals were delicious. The staff makes you feel so welcome and they were so helpful all the time. I can’t wait until the next time I get to return.

Sarah ChoueirySan Diego, CA

Prana del Mar is a space to unwind, relax, and nurture the soul. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to experience the serenity, to nurture my yoga practice, and to heal my body in this environment. The meals were created in such a personal way. I have honestly never had such healthful meals in my life and I am certain this way of eating will continue after my retreat. I have every intention of returning to the peace and the nurturing environment that Prana del Mar sustains. Many thanks for creating this oasis.

Jennifer RikkersMonroe, WI

I can’t imagine a more perfect place for a yoga retreat! The yoga room is perfect – the mats, the blankets, the floor, the views, the candles – perfect. Our group bonded in a special way. I can’t imagine a better vacation, and we will be back next year for sure.

Holly JordonChicago, IL

Prana del Mar is an amazing, special place. It is on the ocean and has incredible rooms, staff, and food. If you are going to Prana del Mar, prepare yourself for staying in heaven. The staff is warm and welcoming, and Erik has thought of everything for his guests. The resort is also green which made it extra special.

Jacqueline BoucherWashington DC

This was a trip of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this climate and yoga in your beautifully planned and executed wellness retreat. Your dream is so appreciated. We had an experience we will always remember.

Kristen DownsFlagstaff, AZ

Prana del Mar is an exceptional facility – encouraging relaxation, contemplation, and growth. Our stay was a stellar experience.

Beth ReidPortland, OR

Prana del Mar is the ideal of what a retreat centre should be: comfortable, hospitable, beautiful, and tranquil. An ideal location for deepening your practice.

Mike BernardVancouver, BC

My stay at Prana del Mar was hands-down fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the resort. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating. The food was great. I will definitely be back for another yoga retreat. So peaceful and wonderful!

Julie LubnerChicago, IL

If you live a life that needs a break, Prana del Mar is the place to go. Sleep with the sound of waves – no intrusions from radio or TV. Vegetarian-based meals made so well that meat lovers really don’t miss a thing. Walk beaches, watch the ocean and its ever-changing form. Do yoga, get a massage, and truly let go!

Jan MatsumotoChicago, IL

Prana del Mar is a small piece of paradise where the mind can calm and the soul can grow. Simplicity meets elegance.

Paula SkjefteMinneapolis, MN

I travel all over the world on business. I feel that Prana del Mar does a great job of capturing the spirit of prana and quiet contemplation. Erik has an excellent crew, and the grounds are clean and nicely-appointed. The quiet ocean location reinforces the meditative atmosphere. Excellent!

David TuhyPhoenix, AZ

The peaceful merging of wet and dry, hot and cold, silence and the crashing of waves, helped me to feel the peace of reconciling the opposites in my life. Thank you for the gifts of beauty, sweetness, delicious food, and the space to reflect and grow. Om Shanti.

Ande SmithWebster, TX

This place is truly an experience of serenity and magic. I was so relaxed – for the first time in a long time – I could feel the stress melt off me. This is not only an experience of peaceful yoga, delicious food, and beautiful nature, it is a safe and welcoming sanctuary of the most amicable people and staff.

Sarah BaughnSan Francisco, CA

We had a wonderfully relaxing stay at Prana del Mar. The accommodations are clean, well-kept, and serene. The yoga rooms are well-designed and the view can’t be beat. The wholesome meals are creative, nutritious, and delicious. This is my second visit to Prana del Mar and I will surely come back again.

Amy HemmertSanta Cruz, CA

What a wonderful retreat center you have created. The combination of location, facilities, accommodations, and staff made for a fantastic overall experience. Thank you for all your hospitality.

David FrechterAsheville, NC

The space is magical – right on the beach and surrounded by wildlife. The rooms and common spaces are perfect – elegant, clean, and very peaceful. One can’t help but relax here. The people who work here are warm and thoughtful, and anticipated every request before we even thought of it. And the food is amazing – it knocked our socks off every night and everyone in our group discussed that we would have loved to purchase a recipe book. In short, there is nothing I would change about Prana del Mar or my time here, and I look forward to returning soon.

Julia BermanWashington DC

Prana del Mar is perfect for yoga and much more. The facility sets groups up for any yoga experience desired. Beyond yoga, the Prana del Mar staff welcomes guests with warmth and joy. Everyone seemed so happy we were there and tried to make our stay comfortable and enriching. I look forward to returning, both for yoga and relaxing with my family.

Michael SmithWilmette, IL

An incredible new home found in the sanctuary of bliss. A place for attunement of body and mind. So awesome. All love – all good!

Ann GreenBarrie, ON

The facilities and service far exceeded my expectations. The food was perhaps the most delicious and fulfilling vegetarian cuisine I’ve ever eaten. A truly lovely experience.

Cara AlterSan Francisco, CA

One word: transformative. Prana del Mar was the perfect setting for an experience that has been years in the making. We are blessed at Yoga Rasa with the teachings of Padma Shakti – and blessed to be here at Prana del Mar. Incredible scenery and service. And the food…Wow! Thank you so much.

Susie Barry-TaylorHouston, TX

I would recommend Prana del Mar to anyone looking to escape from their present reality and transcend into a place of comfort, compassion and relaxation. This place far exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to my next visit.

Lisa KorthalsMt. Currie, BC

A beautiful yoga retreat on an enchanted site. The staff will make you want to stay and the food is exquisite.

Ghislaine DunberryGatineau, QC

I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who loves yoga, good food, sea, sun, and beautiful landscapes and accommodations. The staff are beyond hospitable. This week exceeded my expectations. I will be back.

Sandy McNoltyKelowna, BC

Retreat Leaders say:

After almost a decade of hosting retreats, we have found paradise. Prana del Mar is a haven for restoring the body, mind and soul. The beachfront location is pristine, the food is nourishing, and the attention to detail and respect for the environment make Prana del Mar the ideal location for retreats.

Shani CranstonfounderMilagro Retreats

Everything we experienced at Prana was so amazing. I can not tell you all the positive feedback we received from the group. Quite simply, what you have created is pure heaven….the perfect combination of factors enabling an unparalleled retreat experience. Very few times in my life have I been that overwhelmed by another’s excellence. Your vision and the execution of it in real time is truly amazing. From the yoga studio to the accommodations to the common areas to the wondrous kitchen, etc. Every detail was thoughtfully and creatively attended to. It is quite an accomplishment…my hat is off to you!

Tom QuinnownerYogaview

The sound of the ocean, the scent of delicious, organic food in the air, the feeling of being surrounded by mountains, water and desert…. Prana del Mar is steeped in natural beauty and a real delight for the senses. This is the perfect place to practice yoga, reconnect with nature, and completely unwind. I’m looking forward to coming back soon!

Erin Teagueretreat leaderBrooklyn, NY

Prana Del Mar was the perfect location to host a yoga retreat. They have thought of everything! My guests appreciated the comfortable beds, the nice linens, the beautiful yoga room, the healthy and inventive cuisine, and – most of all – the hospitality of Erik and his staff. I have led many retreats and found working with and being at Prana Del Mar easy and rewarding. I’ve already booked for next year!

Leigh Threlkelretreat leaderMill Valley, CA

Prana Del Mar is a near-fantasy of polished travertine, elegant movement studio, healing and beautiful food, caring and talented staff, remote of the world, remote from your world, bringing you to a rare place left on the planet where you can hear the wind, feel the pounding surf, see the sun and the moon in the same sky and bow to the whales as they sail across a pink horizon. I learned that I move too fast and I expect too much; and that it’s okay to move fast and expect much. Clients found their bellies (in cuisine and in pilates), found each other, found healing. And some weren’t even looking.

After several pilates retreats which left me disappointed if not in despair, my clients got fairly vehement in their collective suggestion that I should build my own. I will build it here year after year.

Kathleen ConklinownerPilateSpa

Prana del Mar is an experience of beauty, comfort, sublime culinary creativity and kind support of a wonderful staff. The week of yoga and meditation was washed in the light of the full moon, sunrise and glowing sunsets. The combination of desert and sea was an ideal setting for moving into one’s own experience. A sublime peace and a balance of all of the senses. We look forward to our next visit.

Jennifer PettitfounderChandrakala Yoga

How could it get better than Prana? Not possible. Year 2 of our retreat and everyone here at Prana del Mar and everything here is even more magical than last year. The new studio is beautiful – the space lends itself beautifully to meditative practices and we used both studios to full advantage. The food was incredible. The staff continually goes above and beyond to make everyone feel so welcome. The new sauna is a lovely addition. We would not consider leading a group at any other retreat center as nothing could ever compare. ‘Thank you’ is not enough to say to everyone at Prana del Mar for making this second retreat as incredible – if not more so – than the first.

Betsy Weinerretreat leaderMinneapolis, MN

We were taken care of on every level – with delicious food, comfortable and elegant rooms, magnificent ocean views, deep healing bodywork, and plenty of relaxing poolside. All of the arrangements for activities were handled seamlessly – from the moment we arrived, the relaxation began. Prana del Mar creates an environment that allows the unfolding of each layer – a magical place with the comfort and ease to delight all of your senses and restore your inner being. We enjoyed every moment.

Susan RubindirectorSage Yoga at The Gym

Prana del Mar is an exceptional retreat center in every way. Amazing rooms, well-equipped yoga studios, fantastic food, peaceful energy, and exceptional service. I have been leading retreats for many years; this is the best I can imagine. The attention to detail – from planning to the event itself – was flawless.

Kay Taylorretreat leaderWalnut Creek, CA

As close to perfect as you could hope to find for a yoga retreat center. Beautiful accommodations, mind-blowing location (particularly in whale season), and the most welcoming and attentive staff we have ever encountered.

Jo Thornhillco-founderYogaExplorers

Divine. Every element of Prana del Mar radiates the care and awareness that has created this amazing retreat centre. The beauty of the facility’s design and construction, the superbly prepared meals, the friendly staff and Erik’s welcoming presence made our week beyond perfect. Prana del Mar is truly an oasis, in every sense.

Josephine Andersonretreat leaderQuadra Island, BC

I love Prana del Mar and I intend to return. The quiet of the desert is perfect for the Zen-nature of a retreat. The atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and simple. Plenty to do and see and plenty of space for contemplation, away from the business of ordinary life. The openness of the center gave me room for for openness of mind. The remoteness allowed for plenty of nature to capture my imagination. I was fortunate enough to witness a fox, a bobcat, several rabbits, chipmunks, lizards, and – oh! – birds to my heart’s content. Thank you!

Gillian ClarkfounderSwerve Studio

Prana del Mar is the perfect spot for your yoga retreat. The accommodations, food, yoga space, pool, and beach are excellent. The staff is extremely professional. It will exceed all your expectations.

Sue SmithmanagerYogaview