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Where are you located?
We are very near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico – about 15 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific coast. For more specifics, check out our map.
Are you close to the ocean?
Our retreat center is on beachfront property. Walk out our western gate and on to a mile-and-a-half stretch of golden sand. Listen to the waves crash as you drift off to sleep.
How do I get to you?
Fly into San Jose del Cabo airport (SJD). If you are arriving with a group, then in most instances, our transport company will pick you up at the airport and shuttle you here. With the new toll road, we’re about 45 minutes from the airport. If you want to rent a car to explore on your own or are driving down the peninsula for an adventure, we can send you directions to help you find us.
How much does it cost?
Group retreats vary in cost depending upon the preferences of individual teachers or group leaders and any additional amenities that they may choose to offer. For the most part, rates range between $1600-$2000 per person per week, based on double-occupancy, and include accommodations, all yoga classes, three delicious meals per day, airport transfers, and taxes. Check specific retreat pricing on our Upcoming Retreats page.
Can individuals come or only groups?
The majority of our guests come as part of an organized retreat or group. If we have a group scheduled when you’d like to visit, most of the time you will be more than welcome to join in. If we do not have a specific retreat scheduled, then we open our doors to anyone who wishes to come enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our little slice of paradise. Please contact us for specifics.
What if I don’t practice yoga (or my friend/partner/spouse doesn’t practice)?
If someone is interested in learning, beginners are always welcome! Most of us are still beginners anyway. If not, there are myriad other options that will appeal to a wide range of guests. From surfing and horseback-riding to snorkeling and kayaking, from whale watching and hiking to zip-lines and ATV rides, from golf and shopping to deep-sea fishing and sunset sailing, there are plenty of activities in the Los Cabos area to keep everyone happy.
What if another group is already booked?
With 16 guest rooms, two beautiful yoga studios, and a dining room that can seat over 40, there is plenty of space for two groups to share our facility. If you’re an individual who wants to come when a group is already booked, most teachers are open to others attending their retreats unless they are planning a specialized curriculum for a particular group of their students.
When is the best time to come?
Most anytime of year is beautiful in southern Baja. The best time of year really depends upon your personal preference – with one caveat. The peak of the hot summer season here is late-July through mid-October, so we close for that part of the year. Usually things begin to cool in early- or mid-October and that’s when we welcome guests back to begin the season.
When is the weather best?
Our area of Baja boasts over 300 sunny days a year. From fall to spring, it is usually warm during the day and cool in the evening. Spring can get breezy and we can even have some fog in June when there is California Current upwelling. Our coastal location usually provides a nice breeze that keeps us 10 degrees cooler than on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula, even in the heat of summer. That being said, late-July to mid-October can have temperatures in the mid-90s with lots of humidity, so that’s pretty hot.
When is the surf best?
Because the Baja peninsula catches both northwestern and southern swell, there is surf here year-round. The best time for surfing on the Pacific side is generally fall through spring when there are northwestern swells, though several Pacific breaks catch southwestern swell also. The only time to surf on the Sea of Cortez side is spring through fall – with summer being the peak season – because it only picks up southern swell.
When is whale migration?
We begin to see the gray whales and the humpbacks toward the end of December and they generally stay until late-March. The best time to see them is January through mid-March.
When do the turtles hatch?
The prime hatching season for Olive Ridley turtles is late-summer through fall, with late-September through November being peak time.
Can I swim in the ocean?
Yes and no. During most of the year on the Pacific side, the waves are too rough to safely swim in the ocean except for on select beaches. We do take regular trips to gentler beaches – such as Cerritos on the Pacific side and several beaches on the Sea of Cortez side – where it is safer to swim.
Is there Internet access?
Yes, we do have Internet access here on the property. Though we are completely off-the-grid, we have a special radio-based Internet connection that provides wi-fi connectivity at our Community Building via relay system over the mountains to San Jose. Though not as fast as your connection at home, it works rather well. It does not consistently reach to our guest rooms, however, so your best signal will be at our main building. While on retreat with us – and to the extent that they can – we invite guests to disconnect as much as possible from their electronic lives and reconnect with the present moment.
Is there cell phone coverage?
We just recently received cell phone coverage from Mexico’s largest mobile communications company, Telcel. If you have AT&T, Verizon, or another provider that partners with Telcel, you will have coverage here.
Do I need an adapter for electrical plugs?
All of North America uses the same standard plug for 110V connections, so if you are coming from the United States or Canada, your equipment will work without an adapter.
Do you have hair dryers?
We do not stock electric hair dryers in every room. We may be able to track one down for you. If it is important for you to blow dry your hair, then you may want to consider bringing your own. Because our electricity is entirely solar-powered, we ask that you are mindful of your usage and only blow dry your hair during daylight hours so as not to tax our battery storage systems. Either that – or perhaps go a little wild for the week.
Do you have guest laundry?
As an off-grid retreat center that must conserve both water and electricity, we are not able to offer laundry service for guests’ personal items. We ask that all guests bring sufficient clothing for the entirety of their stay.
How much cash should I bring?
This varies greatly from person to person, so it is difficult for us to recommend a set amount. If you are visiting us as part of a formal retreat, there are no additional mandatory charges, though there are several options that may be of interest. Most of the outfitters leading excursions accept credit cards, though one of the transport companies we use for trips to town accepts only cash. All massage and spa services are paid directly to the therapist in cash. If you choose to tip your shuttle driver or leave a gratuity for the Prana del Mar staff, those can only be left in cash. All local service providers readily accept either Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars. We are quite remote so there are no ATMs in the vicinity of Prana del Mar, though they are available if you do an excursion to a local town.