If you’re interested in exploring the expansive Baja coastline or the rugged canyons of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, then we have plenty to delight and amaze you.


You can step right off our property and wander the beach in either direction, scramble over the rocky points at both ends, and walk for miles. You can follow goat trails and arroyos in a variety of directions to trace the shoreline or to climb a nearby hill and get a sweeping vista.


We also team with a local outfitter who will take you on a cliff hike near Pescadero or up a canyon in the Sierra for a half-day excursion that will give you a more formal introduction to the Baja landscape. Your bilingual guide will point out the wide variety of flora and fauna that thrive in the desert and along the coast, and also include interesting information on local geologic and cultural history.


So whether you just want to get out and roam on your own along the dunes, past the cacti, and up into the hills or prefer a guided experience with greater detail and the full backstory, we have great options for you here at the tip of the Baja peninsula.