Whale Watching

Each year, beginning sometime in December and lasting until the end of March, a steady progression of whales choose to winter in Baja’s warmer waters. During this time, a stroll along our beach will often afford you views of whale spouts, flukes, and perhaps even a full breach. Many a collective gasp has gone up in the yoga studio as the whales offshore put on a show while everyone in class is staring spellbound out to sea.


For a closer view, we offer the opportunity to take a tour from the Cabo marina out past the world-famous Cabo Arch to get a better look at the humpbacks as well as the occasional gray whale. You’ll head out in a small, agile boat that’s great for whale watching because it can quickly dart toward whale spouts spotted in the distance.


On a few occasions, we’ve even had guests get up-close-and-personal with a few humpback whales while out on the kayak and snorkel tour that we offer. Paddling alongside a momma and her calf makes for quite an exciting whale watching experience!


The grandeur of these majestic creatures is palpable as they gracefully glide through the deep blue waters transitioning between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. For anyone who has not been out on the ocean to witness these beautiful animals in their element, it is an experience that you are not likely to ever forget.