So many people contributed to the creation of Prana del Mar – from the physical structure itself to the energy, spirit, and sense of vitality that grows ever more vibrant with each passing day – that it is difficult to know where to begin when offering thanks.


First and foremost, my gratitude goes out to friends and family who lent such overwhelming encouragement and support during the early development stages of this off-grid oasis and helped me find the humor in the various challenges that confronted me at numerous turns in the road.


Then, of course, there were the actual folks constructing the buildings themselves – from my contractor Ing. Antonio Manriquez to my friend and architect Austin Shaw to the hard-working construction crews who toiled for years to raise these structures from the rugged desert.


Each day, I wake up thankful for the dedicated, creative, and loyal staff we have here at Prana del Mar. It is their hard work, their enthusiasm, and their commitment to the care and support of our guests that makes our retreat center a place that draws people back year after year. I am sincerely grateful for all of them – and would especially like to recognize the contributions and service of Benjamin, Mariana, and Manolo.


Logistically, I also had lots of help along the way, including Richie Friend (Ricardo Amigo Real Estate), Rich Jamieson (Jamieson Imports), Megan Kueny, and Adal Berman (Adal Design). I’d also like to thank many talented photographers – some professional along with several gifted enthusiasts – who have been generous enough to share their images: Howard Ekman (Howard Ekman Photography), Don Dixon (Asylum Artists), Benjamin Magaña, the Deal family (Doodle Films), Jennie Fimbres (SemiCharmedLife Photography), Lauren Nishimura (Living Neutral), and Annette Bernhardt, among others. Aside from their pure beauty, their photos and have also given us the pleasure of parallax – to see our world from a slightly different perspective. Their images bring this website to life.


I also offer a bow of gratitude to my teachers all along the path, from formative guidance in early years to those teachers who have helped me recalibrate my bearings as the journey has progressed.


Finally, I would like to thank our guests – the retreat leaders and participants who have filled our halls with smiles, laughter, love, and even an occasional tear. To see the beauty and power of this place reflected back through your sparkling eyes and in your overflowing hearts makes every day a gift for each of us and reminds us why we do what we do.