Sea Turtle Releases

Each summer and fall, endagered olive ridley sea turtles return to the Baja beaches where they were born to dig nests, lay their eggs, and begin the cycle of life all over again. Forty-five days later, those eggs hatch and newborn hatchlings make a mad dash for the sea.


These adorable baby turtles, which fit easily in the palm of your hand, will charm you with their tiny features and dogged determination. You’ll cheer as they scramble toward the water’s edge and one-by-one get carried off by the waves lapping at the shoreline.


From mid-October to early-December, a local preservation group offers our guests the chance to partake in a sea turtle release at sunset at their nearby incubating preserve. This uplifting event will leave you delighted and inspired, encouraged by the prospect that – though facing long odds – the olive ridley turtles will be making a comeback.