Our Yoga Studios

Our retreat center features two lovely, unique, and complementary studios tailored to fit the changing rhythms of your practice.


Our larger Sun studio features expansive windows that look out west to the mighty Pacific and east to the majestic Sierra de la Laguna mountains. The thatched palapa roof overhead is a marvel of Mexican craftsmanship.


At 1850 square feet, there is plenty of space to comfortably fit 40 students or more. We’ve been told it could reasonably hold 60 to 70, but it sounds like that would have to be a rather friendly group.


Our more intimate Moon studio is most often used for slower, more internal practices and restorative classes. At approximately 1000 square feet, it easily accommodates 20+ practitioners. It features low windows that look out upon a hidden garden, a multitude of skylights for natural light, and an array of Chinese lanterns modeled after the famous Zen garden at Ryoanji for evening illumination.


The floors of both of our yoga studios are warm, golden, strand-woven bamboo. All props are provided – including Manduka black mats, both bamboo and alder blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, sand bags, backless chairs, and silk eye pillows.


We have a selection of percussion instruments if you’re musical and members of your group would like to provide some rhythmic accompaniment to kirtan. Or you can flip on the sound system to play soothing devotional chants or crank it up for a rockin’ trance dance.


Take a look at the yoga studio section of our gallery and picture yourself practicing in these lovely surroundings.