Upcoming Retreats

We’re very excited for all the wonderful yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings that we’ll be hosting this coming season. So many amazing yoga teachers will be joining us – many returning and some visiting for the first time – and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to our little slice of paradise.


We hope that you’ll come join the fun on one of our upcoming yoga retreats in Mexico!


Date Event Teacher
October 10th - October 17th
Fall Into Bliss Yoga Retreat
Sindi Keene

October 10th - October 17th
Fitness + Yoga Retreat
Serena Tom

October 17th - October 24th
Yoga, Wellness & Art Retreat
Amanda Rose Walsh
Sebastian Alappat
October 31st - November 7th
Feldenkrais & Yoga Retreat in Baja
Nicole Lohse

November 7th - November 14th
Fit Trip Fitness Bootcamp
Alayne Rowan
Kelly Jones
November 14th - November 19th
Finding Balance Yoga Retreat
Cilla Stoll
Dianne Banta
November 21st - November 27th
Grace & Gratitude Yoga Retreat
Jessica Depew

November 21st - November 28th
Women's Discovery & Yoga Retreat
Paula Croft

November 28th - December 5th
Manifestation Yoga Retreat - Mexico
Silvia Mordini
Jacob Young
December 5th - December 10th
YOL Mind + Body + Service Retreat
Marni Sclaroff
Jackie Richards
December 14th - December 19th
OM for the Holidays Yoga Retreat
Renee Gauthier

December 19th - December 26th
Christmas Holiday Yoga Vacation
Guest Teacher

December 26th - January 2nd
Open Heart New Year's Yoga Retreat
Mia Togo
Patti Quintero &
The Travel Yogi
January 2nd - January 9th
ONE Yoga's Winter Yoga Retreat
Sherif Sakr
January 9th - January 16th
Your Authentic Voice Yoga Retreat
Mark Moliterno &
The Travel Yogi
January 16th - January 23rd
Journey Within Yoga Retreat
Megan Dunne Krouse
Kristen Pachis
January 23rd - January 30th
Finding Stillness Yoga Retreat
Courtney Riley
Kristen Pachis
January 30th - February 6th
Be Yoga Winter Yoga Retreat
Ella Chissotti

February 6th - February 13th
Pilates & Wellness Retreat
Alice O'Neill

February 6th - February 13th
Winter Yoga Retreat to Los Cabos
Allison Sobel
Kate Goodyear
February 13th - February 20th
Tantric Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
Jim Bennitt

February 20th - February 27th
Yoga Among Friends Yoga Retreat
Laura Jane Mellencamp
J. Michael Taylor
February 27th - March 5th
Eat, Play, Om Yoga Retreat
Colleen Rose
Jennifer Millette
March 5th - March 12th
PilateSpa Pilates Retreat
Kathleen Conklin

March 6th - March 12th
New Moon Open Heart Yoga Retreat
Chia Rafelson
Milagro Retreats
March 12th - March 19th
Cabo San Lucas Yoga Retreat
Renée LeBlanc

March 12th - March 19th
Ocean OJas Yoga Retreat
Kara Aubin

March 26th - April 2nd
Hola Yoga Retreat in Mexico
Kim Stetz

March 26th - April 2nd
Light Up Your Life Yoga Retreat
Amber Shumake

April 2nd - April 9th
BambooMoves Yoga Retreat in Baja
Stephanie Miller
Luke Kopyar
Monica Ott
April 2nd - April 9th
Baskin' in the Baja Yoga Retreat
Clara Roberts-Oss
April 9th - April 16th
The Power of  Women: Yoga Retreat
Sherri Baptiste
Michele Hébert
April 16th - April 23rd
Power of Yoga Retreat
Naushon Kabat-Zinn

April 23rd - April 30th
A Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat
Susan Urquhart-Brown
Michelle Gilmore
April 23rd - April 30th
Meditation & Yoga Retreat
Cindy Zackney

May 1st - May 6th
Bliss Out in Baja Yoga Retreat
Jocelyn Solomon
Laura Conley
June 25th - July 2nd
Passport to Bliss Yoga Retreat
Jeffrey Rangel