Upcoming Retreats

We’re very excited for all the wonderful yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings that we’ll be hosting this coming season. So many amazing yoga teachers will be joining us – many returning and some visiting for the first time – and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to our little slice of paradise.


We hope that you’ll come join the fun on one of our upcoming yoga retreats in Mexico!


Date Event Teacher
November 8th - November 15th
Baja Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Susan Urquhart-Brown
Michelle Gilmore
November 8th - November 17th
Lila Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Clara Roberts-Oss
Paul Ochoa
Shivanad Oss
November 15th - November 22nd
Yoga du Soleil Mexico Yoga Retreat
Betty Roi

November 22nd - November 29th
Say Yes Yoga Retreat In Mexico
Susan Van Zaig
Rachel Scott
November 29th - December 6th
Manifestation Yoga Retreat - Mexico
Silvia Mordini
Jacob Young
December 20th - December 27th
Christmas Holiday Yoga Vacation
Valerie Giles

December 27th - January 3rd
Open Heart New Year's Yoga Retreat
Mia Togo
Patti Quintero &
The Travel Yogi
January 3rd - January 10th
Escape to the Present Yoga Retreat
Alla Smith
Jane Battison
January 5th - January 10th
ONE Yoga's Winter Yoga Retreat
Sherif Sakr
January 10th - January 17th
Mexico Yoga Resolution Retreat
Alex Silvaggio &
The Travel Yogi
January 12th - January 17th
Heaven on Earth: Baja Yoga Retreat
Alysha Pfeiffer
Megan Ridge Morris
January 17th - January 24th
Find Your Joy Yoga Retreat
Laura Peskoe

January 24th - January 31st
Winter Yoga Retreat: Journey Within
Courtney Riley
Kristen Pachis
January 31st - February 7th
Be Yoga Winter Yoga Retreat
Ella Chissotti

February 14th - February 21st
PilateSpa Pilates Retreat
Kathleen Conklin

February 21st - February 28th
Yoga & Pilates Holiday in Baja
Jim Tarran
Paul McLinden
February 28th - March 7th
Bliss in Baja Yoga Retreat
Adriana Liwski

February 28th - March 7th
Eat, Play, Om Yoga Retreat
Colleen Rose
Jennifer Millette
March 7th - March 14th
Relax & Restore Yoga Retreat
Todd Olson
March 7th - March 14th
Yoga Retreat in Cabo San Lucas
Elle Potter
Rebekka Mars
March 14th - March 21st
Tantric Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
Jim Bennitt

March 30th - April 4th
Blissful Escape Yoga Retreat
Kelly Corazzi

April 4th - April 11th
Inspiration: Baja Yoga Retreat
Janet Corvino
Nicole Lohse
April 11th - April 18th
Power of Yoga Retreat
Naushon Kabat-Zinn

April 18th - April 25th
Spiritdance Yoga Retreat in Baja
Kay Taylor
Michelle Cordero
April 25th - May 2nd
BambooMoves Yoga Retreat in Baja
Liz, Monica, Steph & Luke
May 3rd - May 8th
Bliss Out in Baja Yoga Retreat
Jocelyn Solomon
Laura Conley
May 9th - May 16th
Maria & Lindsay's Yoga Retreat
Maria Anderson
Lindsay Russo
May 18th - May 23rd
It's Your Time to Shine Yoga Retreat
Alana Warlop
Aaron King